Benefits of 'Talos.EasyPath'

When a robot weld two parts, it accurately follows the preprogramable course.

If the pieces to be welded does not have the expected accuracy then the welding will not be done properly.

With Talos.EasyPath the robot corrects realtime its position, so that the final result will be perfect.

Xtreme Compact Design

Xtreme-compact sensor

With 75x60x35mm dimension, Talos.EasyPath is one of the smallest Laser Seam Tracking Sensor in the world.

Worry-free installation

'Talos.EasyPath' sensor head is extremely small so as not to obstruct the robot's movements. This is very important, especially within limited spaces.

Highly visible LED status light

'Talos.EasyPath' makes it easy to check the status of the sensor, even if the sensor is installed in a difficult-to-access location.

Software of 'Talos.EasyPath'

Easy to use

The program has been designed to be very easy to use.

Troubleshooting is easy and the operator knows the status of the system at any time.

After-sales service is carried out directly by our specialized technicians, real-time, via internet connection.


The UI runs at any device connected by wifi(one each time)

Build-In Machine Learning

With conventional laser seam trackers, a variety of factors can lead to false detections.

With 'Talos.EasyPath':

With a reliable scanning algorithm that affects the individual differences of welding components, imaging environments, and backgrounds, the software achieves highly reliable detections.


Easy connnectivity of 'Talos.EasyPath' with various Robot Controllers:

  • Kuka
  • Yaskava Motoman
  • Fanuc
  • ABB
  • Kawasaki
  • Panasonic

Company's background

TALOS Robot Vision is a Kouvalias Robotics Subdivision

Kouvalias Robots+Vision Systems and later Kouvalias Robotics starts robotic applications in the European Industry in 1992.


Company's extensive experience, in hundreds of robotic applications, gives it the capability to understand Robot System Integrator special needs.

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